Go Ahead, I Dare You

How many times in our lives have we heard that?  It amazes me how many times people are challenged with those words and then fail to take action on the actual dare.  What is that?  Mostly it’s fear.  People are terrified of failure, rejection, and the repercussions of falling short.  And for fear of failure, they never take the first step.  And then at the end of the day they are bewildered of their lack of success in their lives, their personal development, and their lifelong accomplishments.  In order for things to be different YOU have to be different.


Let me help you shape your thinking a little better.  If I told you right now that you were never ever going to find success, would you get upset with me?  What different course of action would you start to take?  Chances are you’re here reading this today because you’ve reached a point of desperation.  you’re finally mad enough about your current situation, you’re finally angry enough you’re looking for quick answers and you’re looking for answers to get yourself out of a lifelong rut.  Tired of the rat race.  Well how bad do you want to achieve success?  Would you become more passionate about wanting to prove me wrong?  You have dreams don’t you?  Have people close to you told you that you can’t do that?  Ask yourself, what have they done with their lives?  Have your dreams been suppressed over time by the mental meltdown of corporate America?  Winston Churchill’s father told him as a teenager that he was a “social wastrel.”  But Sir Winston Churchill went on to become one of the World’s most influential leaders.  He stuttered as a kid.


Are you waiting for your ship to come in?  That’s like playing the lottery thinking you’re going to win.  Chances are you’re not!  Let me just tell you, you’re ship is NEVER going to come in!  The fact is, you’re going to have to swim out and get it!  For you to attain the level of success you desire, it’s never going to come easy.  Like everything else, you have to pay your dues.  And with that comes lots of trial and error.  Failure after failure.  That’s what we call “Sweat Equity!”  You have to grind, grind, grind and you have to fail, fail, fail.  that’s how you WIN!   When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he was asked why he was able to persevere since he had failed in previous 2000 attempts.  He said, “I never failed at it, I just found 2000 ways it didn’t work!”  Different mindset.  So let me ask you, how many times have you attempted something and gave up telling yourself,  “Ahh, it doesn’t work?  Five times, 10 times, 50 times before you finally gave up or someone told you that you were crazy?”  And that’s all it is for you to achieve greatness, a different mindset a different perspective.  A different path than what you’re on right now.  And guess what?  You can do it!  In order for things to change, YOU have to change.  What inspires you?  In order for you to become successful, you have to be willing to come out of your comfort zone.  Quit worrying about what people think about you.  Chances are the voices you think you might hear come from those who haven’t taken action on their own dreams but have succeeded on stealing yours and many others countless times. Successful people have failed, failed, failed, their way to success.


Great question!  A significant reason you’re not where you want to be right now is because you’ve never had a game plan.  You’ve never had goals.  And that’s not entirely your fault either.  I’m just speaking the truth here.  I know it hurts but in order for you to get where you want to go, you have to recognize too where you’re coming from so you can see your progress and chart your successes along the way.  That way as you get to the next level and the next and so on you’re seeing growth and are more likely to see things through to your goals.

So lets take a few minutes now and define some realistic goals.  And since you’ve never done this before, lets start with something easy.  A 90-day goal.  What’s the purpose of this goal?  And what’s the penalty for not reaching this goal.  See there has to be a penalty as well as a reward.  Growth.  We’re taking baby steps here now so we can see progress, so you can get used to defining your road map to success.  The easiest way to set an end goal is to discover your “Why.”  If the why is insignificant the goal will also be insignificant as well.  Most people are struggling financially, Agreed?  Ok, So let’s see if we can get you on a path that will start to earn you an extra $500-$1000 per month part time.  Would that be nice?  Great!  That’s simple, that’s easy to do.  Oh well you might be saying, “I’ve never done that, how am I going to do it now?”

George Washington was once asked about his plan for chopping down the cherry tree.  He said he was going to go sharpen his ax for 3 hours then take 15 minutes to chop down the tree.  So my suggestion to you is we need to start sharpening your ax right now!

I’m also going to go out on a limb here first and tell you something I already know about you.  You’re not much of a reader are you?  Thought so.  Most people I find in their struggles is that they’re not readers at all.  If they are they’re not reading the right things.  See if you’ve never chopped down a cherry tree, you’d need to learn how to do it.  And what better way to sharpen your ax and learn how then by reading about how someone else did it the wrong way and then read how someone else did it the right way and then do it the way that was most successful.  So you see my friend, by reading, you shorten your own learning curve and find out the right way verses the wrong way to do something.


Here’s one for you.  99.99% of people who are successful in whatever their profession are for the most part veracious readers.  There are many common denominators of Successful people you may want to make a note of herein.  Successful people are Type A individuals.  They’re Leaders.  They know what they want.  They make quick decisions, they have quick wit and their confidence is very bold.  They’re clearly focused.  They’re full of energy.  And if you’re witness to someone like this then they may come off as arrogant to you but chances are they are not.  It’s just a different aura that they constantly carry around.  And if you surround yourself with people like them then chances are some of their success, their attitude, their moxy, and their focus, their energy, and their confidence will bleed its way in to your composition and go a long way to help you in elevating yourself to the next level.  It could be a defining moment in your life to be able to shadow, model, and create a new you.  A more confident, vibrant you.  So if you aspire to transform yourself in to this kind of person, then you have to start reading to learn what the ingredients are for this type of massive overhaul.

What’s the process?  I’m going to assume already that you don’t like to read?  Many people I have mentored over the years in your predicament don’t.  And that’s ok, but if we’re going to commence to going down a different path to help you achieve financial success and gain the ultimate goal of having time freedom, then we have to become masters of the mundane.  Again we will start by taking some baby steps to get you on the right path.  Can you read 10 pages of a Book every day before you start your day?  Good.  Simple enough right?  Can you do that for the next 90 days?  How about the next year?  Let me show you how we can compound that.  If you will read 10 pages of a books I recommend to you from my list, and you will do so for the next year, you will have read 3650 pages of books!  Wow Right.  But it gets better.  If the average book is 300 pages, then I will have had you reading 15 Books over the next year!  Pretty Impressive huh?  You Bet!  So if I have you reading 15 Books over the next year and it’s 15 of the books that I want you to read, let me ask you, “Do you think I can change your life?”  Absolutely!  This is what you have to do!  this is where you learn it.  you read to learn how other people became successful, how they failed time and time again and you learn by their mistakes so as to shorten your own learning curve and rise to greatness much quicker than they did to get where they are today.  Why will you get there quicker than they did?  Because technology is much better today than it was yesterday but the rules remain the same.


So to find out what books you need to start with on your journey to a successful life email me and I will follow up and design a plan along with you that’s going to provide you the necessary ingredients to get you sailing in the right direction.

Thanks for reading!  You’re on the right path.  I will eagerly look forward to helping you get where you want to go.  Godspeed!

By:  Hadley Starkey

Staying Consistent

Attraction Marketing System
Today I wanted to talk to you about becoming a consistent machine in your business. Too many people throw in the towel right before they strike Gold! That’s part of the discipline you have to learn to become an effective Business Owner. You may not have known it at the time but this is what you signed up for when you decided you didn’t want to punch a clock for a living anymore.

Hopefully this short video will inspire you to develop simple daily disciplines that will eventually provide you with a Slight Edge. You wanted different results for your life, to do that, you have to develop a different habitual pattern. You’re on the right path just by being here! Check out the video and enjoy some fishing with me. Watch the video on from this link.