By: Hadley Starkey

Thousands of people are looking for their own MLM Success these days. MAGIC DUST Every since I rose to the top of a prominent network marketing company it’s always amazed me how many people come up to me and ask, “What’s the ONE THING” I could do to get myself to the next level in my home-based business? What is it you do for your MLM Success that continually sets you apart from everyone else that I could do to get me where you are?

And the Answer IS – The Answer Comes From Within! People who have success have desire!

It’s NOT the How To’s that leads you to MLM Success. It’s the WAY you DO THINGS! It’s YOUR Philosophy, And YOUR Attitude that ultimately affects your own MLM Success! Who YOU ARE is the philosophy you communicate.

Friends, I have to be honest, there’s NO MAGIC DUST! You already have all that you need to reap the rewards of MLM success in your home-based business! It’s truly within you! You just have to do more of it! And maybe you have to do MORE than the average person does to have your own success in MLM. Trust me, You already have it! You have to get better at the mundane things. And it all comes down to the “YOU” factor, that’s the bottom line. To get there, you have to get better at YOU! And you can get that through personal development. Do the thing and you will have the power.

Everyone has to pay a price for MLM Success! Even worse is the price of neglect! You haven’t taken enough No’s to get you there quite yet. You have to go through thousands of nos. So that only means that you are that much closer to your yeses! Trust me, that’s IT!

Happy are people that dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true! – Leon J. Sulnes

What is your Philosophy?

ALL of the successful people I know in Network Marketing have the SAME success stories! And one of the most significant common denominators they all have is doing the simple little things time and time again. The simple daily disciplines. Their desire and faith is what pushes them. That also gives you geometric growth. Start where you are now and just go!

Your philosophy is what you believe in. Your core value system. What are you doing to affect your philosophy? Your philosophy develops as you gain experience in Network Marketing and increase your knowledge. You develop further understanding in dealing with people. People affect your philosophy. Experiences change your philosophy.

Both your attitude and your outlook on life are strongly influenced by your philosophy. If an individual is not reaching the levels of MLM success they’re most desiring it’s because is they haven’t taken an inventory on themselves. So often when I’m working with an individual, I find that the missing piece to their success is a lack of personal development.

In order to receive, you must first give. Over the years, I have helped scores of MLM Teams and networkers become successful by getting them to work on themselves rather than focus on a product! Focusing on YOU is what attracts people to you! You want to become the magnet that people fall in love with in order to have MLM Success. That’s what “ATTRACTION” Marketing is all about! That’s what sponsoring people “magnetically” is all about! That’s Recruiting! It’s all about YOU! That’s what it takes to recruit!

Believe it or not, people come in to Network Marketing with a negative attitude. How is that, you ask? Granted, they may have just signed up and they’re very excited about their opportunity but their psyche is negative in nature because the average child sees 200,000 negative acts of violence before they turn 18. Our society, our culture, and our education system here in the US does not teach us to become successful. It’s geared towards employees and is also tragically built on negative attitudes . So everyone needs to have their software (Their Brains) reprogrammed.

Do you want to go from the shack to the mansion? Would you like to Drive a New Car, Live in a new Home, or perhaps travel the world?

Then let me help you rebuild your dreams my friend. There are no age limits to being a dreamer! Having success in your home-based business is a process! Success and failure are all on the same road; however, the road to success takes a little longer to get too.

Lets start together because with a little shift in your thinking, I can dramatically change your life and get you on track and lead you to your greatest breakthrough! First let me say, I don’t think you’re lacking in motivation because you’re here! You’re reading this, so you’re definitely taking an interest in yourself! But I think what you could probably use is some “Direction.” Is that right? Well that’s Awesome. I’m proud of you. I can radically change your life if you will start reading just 10-15 pages of a good book every day! Do it first thing, right after you wake up and you’re sitting down with your first cup of coffee, that’s one of the best times, when your mind is fresh. Also it helps you start every day in a positive frame of mind! Plus, as an added bonus it gets your mind thinking at peak performance.

So lets start with this okay. I want you to go get 3 great books for network marketing today! If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will! First one is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Second, “Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. And third, Napoleon Hill’s Book, “Think & Grow Rich” And by the way, when you get Think & Grow Rich, take a hard look at the 13 Subtitles. The 1st one is Having a Burning Desire but all 13 are philosophical. Now I have a list of some 65-75 super network marketing books I can suggest. But I strongly recommend reading these three first in the order that I’ve given them to you. These first three will lay the FOUNDATION of your philosophy to start getting you on the right track to becoming a successful, purpose driven, lean, mean, entrepreneurial machine! The books you read and the CD’s you listen to form your philosophy. In my 20 plus years of mlm marketing these have been the best first steps to success.

Here’s the concept. It’s one of the strongest MLM success strategies I can recommend for your home-based business is get started reading at least 10 pages of a good book every day for the next year. If you will follow in the footsteps of those who have taken my advice and have found success at a very high level, at the end of the year I will have had you reading 3,650 pages of books. Now if the average book has 300 pages in it, then that means I will have had you reading 15 books over the next year. Now let me ask you, “If I have you reading 15 Books and it’s 15 Books I ask you to read, do you think I can change your life? ABSOLUTELY! Reading personal development books help you transform, or in this case “develop” your philosophy! Reading how others before you have failed helps you shorten your learning curve and avoid the mine fields and the booby traps.

By developing your philosophy you also develop your vision. Read Proverbs Chapter 29 about No Vision for confirmation. If you develop sound vision then you’ll never feel like you’re ever working a day in your life because you will be doing what you love! Having the right shared vision will attract and unite people around you. Keep your vision in front of you! You deserve an abundant life, it’s what God intended for you!

“Action” is the real measure of intelligence! – Napoleon Hill

So let’s get on it NOW! Just click on the link I provided herein to go to and buy these books. Start today! Don’t put it off, your future depends on it!

Lets face it, We ALL have obstacles, we ALL have issues. And truth be known, life is meaningless unless we have struggles. Opportunities come from our adversities. So embrace your struggles. Embrace the negativity! The price for success in a home based business is pain. And it’s our attitudes and how we handle those obstacles, challenges, adversities, and struggles that will ultimately separate you from the person next to you. Successful people are always working on themselves, sharpening their ax. Successful people in networkmarketing KNOW that in order to help someone else solve their problems they have to be better, calmer, and be better equipped to help someone. Their attitudes, actions, and their demeanor have to be superlative. Being more prepared, more personally developed hones you in to becoming a leader yourself, becoming a leader, becoming a true fledged business owner. Doing so is self-rewarding in that you will now feel like you’re participating in your own rescue! A financially free Entrepreneur. After all this is what you want isn’t it? Great, then NEVER question the process.

For successful people in network marketing, the one thing they all seem to have in common is their attitudes. Their attitudes are the one common denominator that allows them to shine through. A good attitude breeds success in network marketing! Most people WAIT to do something UNTIL it becomes self-evident. Waiting to do something before it becomes self-evident is often too late. Why is this? It’s mostly fear. Fear of dealing with ridicule.

Is having a “Burning Desire” an attitude? You bet it is. A burning desire is what fuels the confident, Type A individual, the ones that already found success in network marketing. Having a burning desire means having a “Do Whatever It Takes, for as Long as it takes” kind of attitude. Desire and belief have to have congruence. The “inner you” will have a tendency to hold you back. As an entrepreneur in a home-based business, you’re now a self-employed business owner. There’s no looking at the clock anymore like you did when you were an employee, before you fired your boss. You simply do whatever it takes to reach your end goals if you want to have MLM Success.
In closing, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re just going to be all over the place. If you’re comfortable with yourself, you’re not progressing or moving forward. Get better today than you were yesterday. Get focused! By focusing I mean following a plotted course until its successfully completed!

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are NOT willing to do. Successful people live OUTSIDE their comfort zone. You have to get out of yours if you expect to have something different.
You have to take action in order to find and enjoy MLM Success, it’s NOT going to find you! To say it another way, your ship is NEVER going to come in, YOU have to swim out and get it! You have to compete every day!

Every day, we ALL Show up at the starting line in mlm marketing with the same tools and the same opportunities. In network marketing, some of its magic and some of its tragic so NEVER let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game! Get excited about the game of life! This is your chance for real MLM Success! Go out there and seize the day!

It is impossible to stop and man or a woman who WILL NOT QUIT!

Here’s the equation I just shared with you today:
Philosophy + Attitude + Action + Results = Lifestyle!

Learn and Earn and Pass It On!

Good Luck to you!

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