DREAMS - LIVE YOURSYour Birthright is a Life of Abundance

By:  Hadley Starkey

Did you know that God; The Most Omnipotent One, has created the gift of Abundance for you?  That’s right!  He didn’t put ANY OF US here to suffer but to live our lives abundantly!  And through His Son Jesus Christ he says, “I have come that I may have life and live life more abundantly.” 


Now this is not meant to be a Biblical Blog Post but a motivational one to help you understand life is NOT MEANT to be hard.  It’s meant to be lived to the fullest but too often other people hold us back in our quest for greatness. 


You are predestined to have a life and make a living! You have an opportunity right now to have a better tomorrow!  It’s all a mindset!


Take Ownership of this God Given Birthright

By taking ownership of this birthright puts you in the driver’s seat and one step closer to finding true happiness.  Happiness is something everyone deserves to experience.  That happiness exposes itself right when you start to love yourself.  If you don’t love yourself first then you cannot possibly love others. 

By taking ownership of your birthright today you’re not only creating a tremor but you’re allowing the cosmos to deliver what’s rightfully yours.  Don’t allow anyone to take that away from you. 

Keep affirming that you do deserve an abundant, happy life.  Expect abundance and goodness in all forms.  Say things like this, “I just know I’m meant to live a powerful life.  I believe I have the strength and ability to make my life into anything I want it to be.”  If you know you deserve abundance, expect abundance always, and allow yourself to open to abundance – you get abundance!

No One is going to discover you….the truth is you have to discover yourself.  It’s time you took action on what you’ve always wanted and not let those who are too weak to follow their own dreams and would rather steal yours.  Don’t let someone who gave up their dreams talk you out of yours.  They’re not really your friend, they’re dream stealers.


You Can Live A Life of Abundance

I personally have a love for others and freely give of my time to help people from all walks of life succeed at their goals.  You have to have a willingness to give in this life; and in doing so, we therefore also have to have an acceptance of an abundant life.  God Invented for us after all.  It’s in His Infinite Plan.  So what’s Bigger, Your Dreams, or Your Excuses? 


Friends, Yesterday is a Dream.  Tomorrow is a vision!  But TODAY, Well-Lived makes every yesterday a dream of Happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope  Look well therefore to this day God has created for us. 


Take Charge, Take Positive Action and live Abundantly and always remember, It’s Your Birthright!