Seriously, Can We Talk?  (A MUST READ!)

The Electoral College Map has been the same since its inception 40 years ago.  Red States have been Red States, and Blue States have been Blue States with FEW exceptions (Like when Reagan was elected!  Remember, Reagan was an outsider too who brought fresh ideas to Washington) So We The People have been getting the same ol same ol for the past 40 years as well with more and more corruption cluttering up inside the proverbial beltway in DC for years and years.


We can’t just go to sleep until 2020!  Then it’s too late, the irreparable damage will have been done!


The old adage applies to this important election, “If we keep doing what we’ve always done and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity!”  In order for things to change, we must change the way we vote.  The change we all need is right outside our comfort zones.  The fact is, we as Americans cannot afford another 4 years of the same ol same ol!  We must change.  And we must change NOW or pay the price for the next 40 years friends!  40!


We’ve ALL been wanting a change but change for most is like torture.  It’s hard to do but once we do it; at the end of the day, we’re so glad we did?  Donald Trump is the first person since the good ole Reagan years to come along and effect immediate change but do so in a much more colossal way by clearing the swamp.


In a little less than 24 hours, the most historic life-changing Election Day will be upon us.  It’s Decision Day in America.  And this election is NOT just about the next 4 years for it will shape what happens for the next 40 because of what’s at stake.  That’s why I’m writing this letter to ALL of you.  I’m passionate about my country, where I live, and more importantly friends, the Freedom’s I enjoy for being a prideful American.


Let me talk to the people in the major cities here for a moment because that’s where most of the working class resides who typically vote democratic and are not entrepreneurs but employees……Change is Good!  Get out of your comfort zone and stand up for this change and you will see a different lifestyle than the one you’re struggling to get through right now.  Donald Trump wants to see you thrive.  He wants to make us rich by opening new doors of opportunity and better paying jobs.  The GNP and Stock Market will once again thrive too!  The GNP hasn’t risen above 3$ the whole-time Obama has been in Office!  Hillary and Bill are the two most corrupt people on the face of the planet and trust me, only care about themselves and their click of insiders.  Everyone else winds up dead.  Google That!


For instance, with a Clinton White House, ObamaCare premiums will be more expensive than your mortgage.  Up to 4 Supreme Court Justices appointed by her will end the constitution as we know it. Corruption continues and will likely get even worse


This Election is about keeping “Big Sis” out of the Oval Office! If you’re thinking about a vote for Hillary Clinton; remember, she lies about everything!  She lied about Benghazi, then about her emails under OATH!  She said she only had two devices for her email but in reality she had 13!  President Obama said he didn’t know anything about her private server until he heard about it in the media just like all of us but yet he emailed Hillary 100’s of times using an alias.  She’s colluded and corrupted both the State Department, and the Department of Justice and now the mainstream Media.  Loretta Lynch met with Bill on the tarmac in a private meeting to tell him that she had everything handled for Hillary and Bill and not to worry about a thing.  If Hilary wins, Loretta Lynch keeps her job as AG!


Donald Trump represents a leadership people want to like and world leaders will respect just like Reagan.  World Leaders already know with Trump as President, America is tough again and he won’t take any shit from them.  World leaders know they’re going to have to come to the table and deal with a strong negotiator.  With Hillary, they already OWN her because of her “Pay to Play,” series as Secretary of State!  She’s indebted to ALL of them!  She signed off on giving the Russians 20% of our Uranium!  It is 99.99% certain that as Secretary of State, FIVE known terrorist countries who hate ALL Americans and want us dead hacked in to Hillary’s email and have had unfettered access to our nation’s most precious secrets.  That’s a crime!


With the Clintonistas back in the White House, we might as well just shred the Constitution.  You can kiss it good-bye!  As for me Friends, I enjoy my religious freedom, the right for eligible people to bear arms, and the peace waving the US Flag means to our country.  With a Clinton White House, more and more people we don’t even know who don’t share our same beliefs, know our customs/cultures will quickly infiltrate our country, steal our jobs, and ruin our peace.  In the unlikely event, she’s elected, before her 18th month in office, Hillary; like her husband, will surely be impeached!  Then you’ll wish you hadn’t voted for her.


On Tuesday, we need to stand up for all of these and voice our commitment to change

and elect Donald J. Trump as our next President!  I promise you, he will roll up his sleeves and get to work immediately bringing back our jobs and a peaceful security to our nation.  He has the clarity and the devotion the Office of the President demands. He’s got our back; he’s got your back!  In his heart of hearts, Donald Trump wants to make America Great Again!   And He Will!


It’s Up To You America!  Demand Change!  Let Freedom Ring!


May God Bless You and May God Bless America!


My name is Hadley Starkey and I Approved This Message!  #StayAmazing