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You are here today because you are looking for a solution to the many struggles people have in making money in their home-based business. It’s a demanding & competitive world today we all are keenly aware of that. In the new millennium however; if you want to really set yourself apart from the wannabees, the tire kickers, and wishful thinkers, you MUST take action.

There are mountains and mountains of information out there on the Worldwide Web telling you HOW to do something when most of the people telling you this have never done it themselves.

I however have been in the Network Marketing Industry for some 20+ years now. I’ve built my Home-Based Business the hard way; one Associate at a time, without the benefits of today’s awesome technology which I am starting to employ as we speak. I built my Network Marketing business on a handshake and an infectious smile followed by lots of high-bonding activities we would go do together. Tough to do that here, you can’t see me. If we should happen to meet one day here in the near future, and I expect we will as we become Business Partners, I have a very commanding presence. Picture this; I am 6’9″ 330lbs and I’m coming at you to looking you in the eyes with a BIG SMILE 🙂 and extend my arm and give you a very strong handshake. You can’t see that in a blog either. But we are instantly friends. Meeting me you will also understand very quickly why I have been the trusted bodyguard to over 300+ Celebrities, Entertainers, and Athletes over the years. And while I love meeting new people another thing you will quickly realize is I’m not a very good-looking guy….the fact is, the other day I was putting on my underwear and the “Fruit of the Loom” guys laughed at me! Ha-Ha-Ha….You can’t see that either in a blog. Oh and I had it rough as a kid too; that’s right, yeah, my Mom never breast fed me, she told me she liked me as a friend…..ha ha ha some more…..hey now, That’s a true story. 🙂

The message here in today is that if you want to catch up with the new millennium and get BIGGER, Stronger, & build Faster, you need to develop several new skill sets to keep up with the masses.

All of the top Leaders you see walking across the stages in 99% of the MLM conventions today earning those HUGE $6-Figure Bonuses & Multi-Million dollar incomes are writing their way to success through Article Marketing & Blogging. And there’s a term for it too, it’s called “Attraction Marketing.” Before it was called Attraction Marketing, it was called “Web 2.0.” But those are both terms you need to become educated on and study very closely if you want to go to the top levels in your company as well. It’s not about contacting your friends, relatives, and neighbors any more. And if your sponsor of upline are telling you that’s the way to do it, then they are clearly out of their minds and not making real money.

While I am kind of grandfathered in in my company now, I started building it several years ago long before these two terms really became big in social media. Today it is impossible to succeed and keep up with the Jones’s unless you’re doing something on the Internet.

Trust me, it can be a daunting task trying to educate yourself on all that there is to learn on how to promote your business in today’s social media age. So take it slow. In order for things to change, YOU have to change. You may have hears the phrase a time or two before that you have to slow down in order to speed up, well this is one of those times. It can’t be achieved overnight let me tell you. Focus on one area at a time in 90-day increments.

Blogs are the way to start. So focus on blogging for 90 days, become a master of blogs. After that move on to “Article Marketing” for another 90 days and so on. Do you think you can become good at something if that is all you study for 3 months in a row? You bet!

Professionally speaking, it is my recommendation to you that if you want to start seeing multiple $6-Figures in your MLM Opportunity that you seek out tutorials, webinars, and courses on social media. Find top bloggers. How do you find a top blogger? The first thing you do is download the Alexa.com Toolbar. Why? Alexa ranks websites. If someone is an authority on something, Alexa.com will rank their site according to the readership following that author. Are you going to start writing yourself? Then you will want to have the Alexa Toolbar installed on your computer. Every time you go to your own blog that registers with Alexa and thus promotes your own rankings. So back to where I was a minute ago. Study their techniques, watch their topics. Watch how they promote. Watch what they promote. Follow their Social links on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Find out who they are following and follow them too. And if you really want to earn while you learn, buy their stuff. They are the breadwinners, they are the experts, their knowledge along with mine will surely shorten your learning curve. Focus all of your attention on one aspect at a time, master the mundane of those lessons and propel your home-based business to the next level exponentially in the next year. You can do this trust me.

Let me know how this works out for you. You’re going to hear more and more about me and from me.

Was this helpful to you, let me hear your comments.

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